Debra Hunter -Studio H – Hand Knit Coffee Press Sweaters

1_coffee press sweater 6x6_7618
Coffee Press Sweater hand knit and hand dyed by Debra Hunter.

Debra Hunter of Studio H has recently completed an order of Coffee Press Sweaters for Woods on Pender (Pender Island, BC, Canada) . The sweaters will be dressing the coffee presses (and keeping coffee warm) in the accommodation units at the newest resort on the island.

Each Coffee Press Sweater is made of 100% Canadian produced wool that is milled in Alberta. The wool is hand-dyed in micro batches in natural dyes that is crafted by hand. In keeping with the resort’s colors, the items feature colors created with marigold, chamomile, pomegranate, turmeric and indigo. The Coffee Press Sweaters are knit by hand and proudly display the resort’s logo in the center band .

In addition to creating custom Coffee Press Sweaters for boutiques and the hospitality industry, Debra is always thrilled to sell her handmade items to individuals. If you are interested in a Coffee Press Sweater Debra can be contacted through her website

Handmade items by Debra Hunter
Red Deer, AB & Pender Island, BC, Canada

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Katherine Weisse – Alberta Author

katherine weisse_writer_book

Katherine Weisse is a Canadian author who embraces her life experiences and uses them as inspiration for her writing.

Katherine’s book, “Straw Hat, Rubber Boots and a Cat” is a whimsical collection of stories about the author and the many animals in her life as she revisits her journey through time. It is a story of the life of an ordinary person, and is filled with excitement, adventure, love, and times of sadness.

Katherine has lived and worked in Canadian cities coast to coast, and now calls Red Deer, Alberta home.

To purchase “Straw Hat, Rubber Boots and a Cat” by Katherine Weisse, please contact the author by email at .

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