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Anneli Purchase lives on Vancouver Island where she works as an author and freelance copy-editor. Her articles on writing advice and coastal life are published in Canadian and UK magazines while her short stories and anecdotes are available on her blogs “wordsfromanneli” ( and “anneli’s place”  (

Her novels involve relationships that develop in unusual settings, on the wild and remote coast of British Columbia, in the primitive camping conditions of Mexico’s Baja peninsula, and in postwar Europe and northern British Columbia. Her aim is to have the reader still thinking about these people and places long after they close the covers of the books.

Anneli Purchase is the author of three novels, “The Wind Weeps”, “Orion’s Gift” and “Julia’s Violinist”. All novels are available as e-books and paperbacks through .

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The Wind Weeps

From big city boredom to B.C.’s West Coast—and what does Andrea find?
Romance? Yes.
A flirtation?
A fling?
Marriage and a new home?
Adventure? Yes.
Learning to fish, hunt, and survive in the wilderness. Yes.

But will old loves and new skills save her when her husband’s instability threatens her life?

The Wind Weeps, is a must-read for any woman going into a relationship. But it is also a man’s story as it involves the rugged world of commercial fishing on the coast.

Available at for Kindle here and in all e-book formats here.
Paperback also available at here.

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Orion’s Gift

Beautiful, dependent, and insecure, Sylvia makes a sudden decision to leave her seemingly perfect California home. Kind, strong, capable Kevin walks away from his Alberta hardware store and fifteen years of unhappy marriage. When these two meet in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, they fill each other’s needs from day one, yet each has a secret they keep from the other.
Before they can learn complete mutual trust, Kevin and Sylvia realize their spouses are not willing to let them go quite so easily.

Available at for Kindle here and in all e-book formats here.
Paperback also available at here.

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Julia’s Violinist

Julia, a young widow with two small children, is expelled from her Sudetenland home in post-WWII reprisals by the Czechs. Barely able to survive in refugee camps, Julia struggles to take care of her family. A letter arrives from her first love from twenty years earlier. He has found her through the Red Cross. But is he too late? Julia has just remarried. Will she uproot her life once again?

Available at for Kindle here and in all e-book formats here.
Paperback also available at here.

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Anneli Purchase can be reached by email at .

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