The Salish Collection – Canadian Hand Knit Shop & Gallery

The Salish Collection
The Salish Collection

Over the next few weeks we will be adding shops and galleries to our various collections on Handmade in Canada. Today we launched the Salish Collection.

Our Salish Collection is inspired by the colors of traditional Cowichan knitwear that has been popular on the west coast of Canada for over a century. The mix of whites, grays, dark browns and blacks is a timeless combination. Our collection will remind you of fog, driftwood and the smell of the sea.

The Salish Collection is made of natural sheep wool, produced here in Canada and milled in a heritage mill. All items are hand knit and are one of a kind. Items can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Items start at $15.00 including tax and shipping within Canada. The pieces make great gifts for friends and family  as they are Canadian made, unbreakable, and ship well.

For more information please feel free to email us at .



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