How to dress your coffee for Canada Day….

110 coffee canada
110 coffee canada

Canada day is just around the corner. The day when we proudly flaunt all our maple leaf gear. Now you can dress your coffee for Canada day too.

Each Coffee Sweater is naturally hand dyed, handmade and one of a kind.

The Coffee Sweaters keep your coffee hot and iced coffee cold.

Each sweater is priced at $13 plus GST and shipping. We can be contacted through email to order (product codes are below each picture).


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Custom Knit Hats for Customers in Ontario

blog custom knit hats

For the last few weeks I have been working on a set of custom hats for a customer in Ontario. When we first started discussing the hats over Instagram,  they loved the pattern style and naturally dyed wool. When they realized they could have their logo knit into the hat they were thrilled.

These hats are made of wool that has been naturally dyed in lac, indigo and cutch. The wool is from mills in Alberta and P.E.I..

I know come winter these hats will be out on a lot of adventures in the woods of Ontario.


Naturally dyed, hand knit, Canadian made items.

Morning Knitting

blog morning knitting handmade in canada

Knitting away early today. I am trying to beat the heat as temperatures are expected to reach 29C. I am currently working on two custom order hats for a customer in Ontario.

This is the second of the two hats. The first was knit in natural black as a main color with the text in grey, the maple leaf in red (of course), and accent pattern strips in blue, grey and red. This hat will feature the above two toned naturally dyed indigo wool as a main color. On this hat the text will be black on a grey strip with a red maple leaf, I am still pondering the colors to use as accents.

The past month has been busy with custom orders. The great thing about custom orders is it keeps things interesting while also giving you a good idea as to what customers are looking for. It has been a fun month for knitting for sure.

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leaf red 3x3 square 100dpi stylized 2