Custom Colors and Monograms – Fun Custom Knit Orders

Over the last few weeks I have been working on a rather enjoyable custom order. The order consisted of 16 Coffee Sweaters with each item’s color combination chosen to reflect colors the recipient likes. The Coffee Sweaters are being given as Christmas gifts. In addition to the customized colors, each piece is also monogrammed.

It was a real joy working with every color under the rainbow, and the above picture goes to show natural dyes can produce vibrant and bold colors. The yarn used in the above pieces have been dyed in indigo, marigold, chamomile, goldenrod, madder, lac and logwood. Over dyeing yellow dyed wool with indigo created a range of greens, while a variety of other colors were created with the same dyes by using various tones of natural sheep wool (natural greys and browns) as a base.

Custom orders are always interesting to wok on, but this one was just plain fun. This order was like play, with colors and patterns everywhere.

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