Blues and Greens of Indigo

The last few days have been focused on indigo dyeing.

Blues range from light to dark. The color intensity is determined by how many dips and how much time is spent in he indigo vat.

Greens are achieved by over-dyeing wool yarn previously dyed yellow. The yarns above were first dyed in pomegranate, followed by a couple of short dips in indigo.

Indigo dyeing takes both planning and time. The first day was spent prepping and scouring the yarn. The second preparing stock solution so it had time to reduce. The third day was a very full day of hours of dipping and dyeing. The yarn then needed  24 hours to fully oxidize prior to rinsing , which is what I carried out today.

The result is 3 pounds of dyed wool; a stash of blues and greens  to get me through the next few months.

Indigo creates a beautiful color of blue, making all the effort that goes into dyeing well worth it.


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