“Handmade in Canada” is all about Canadian inspired art, and natural knits and handmades.

At “Handmade in Canada” we do things a little differently……..

  • Our fine art and fine craft embraces the Canadian experience through landscape, experience, color and pattern.
  • Our knits reflect designs that reflect Canadian knitting traditions and motifs.
  • We source Canadian produced and milled wool, and hand dye all our colored wool products.
  • We do not outsource our knitting or use offshore labor. All items are made ethically by Canadian hands.
  • In an effort to embrace traditional methods while honoring the environment, we have made the conscious decision to only use natural dyes in our dyeing process. Where possible our dyes source comes from either foraging (goldenrod, tansy and arbutus bark to name a few) or the garden.
  • Often handmade items will also sport wooden toggles that have been carved from deadfall and prunings, again a nod to creating a product from local and natural materials. Each handmade item is made as a one-of-a-kind piece, with a focus on craftsmanship, traditional skills and true handmaking.
  • We are always interested in taking on commissions to create custom pieces; we absolutely love collaborating with our clients.
  • We love working with galleries and boutiques, please email us to discuss collaborations.


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