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Welcome to Handmade in Canada. After much searching for an effective way to promote the art and hand knits I create, and having very little success, I decided the best thing to do was to create a site that would fill the niche. My thought was that other Canadian makers also needed an effective way to promote the items they create, and from that idea Handmade in Canada was created.

Handmade in Canada profiles artists, artisans, writers, musicians, plus growers and producers of edibles. We invite individuals, groups and organizations to join our site.

Handmade in Canada presents the opportunity to build a community and work with other handmakers to present ourselves together for those who like to buy local, buy handmade, and support local arts and culture.

By working together and sharing Handmade in Canada with our customers, we can establish larger markets, reach more customers, and enable us to be more successful and sustainable in our handmaking endeavors.

Handmade in Canada presents many potential benefits for Canadian makers. Artists and artisans will find the site to be a great venue to build an audience and patronage for their unique and creative pieces. Musicians and writers can use the site as a vehicle to make the public aware of locally authored books and music, and even use the site as a stepping stone towards booking events. Growers and the producers of edibles can use exposure on the site as a way to inspire people to eat locally created foods. Food creators with items currently in mainstream stores or markets can utilize the site to direct customers to the locations where their products can be purchased.

Handmade in Canada is an exciting concept, a way to embrace our hardworking Canadian talent, and a way to create vibrant local economies.

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