In developing this site I was often thinking of the dollar value I could realistically invest each year to promote my knitting business. I wanted to keep the pricing affordable and sensible as I think many in the handmade business have to be budget minded. I decided to approach the site with a very simple pricing system where the monthly cost is no more than renting a market stall for a single day at a Farmer’s Market, and less than a single line listing in the Yellow pages. This site will help artists, artisans, writers, musicians, growers and producers to extend into new markets and help us to have a year round presence at an affordable price. Individuals, groups and organizations are all invited to join the site.

This site consists of two portions, the member listing pages and a blog.

The Page – Each member with a listing on the site has a page with a professional appearance. As all pages follow the same format, the site maintains a coherent and unified appearance. In addition to creating a professional look, this also makes it easier for the site visitor to find the information they need as they go from page to page. When navigation and viewing is easy (as is the layout for this site), the site visitor will spend more time viewing the various members pages and in turn will increase sales for our members.

The Blog – The blog portion of Handmade in Canada helps to highlight the members on the site in a way that provides new and engaging content. As members sign up or renew, the artist/writer/business will be profiled in a blog post. The blog is the component that helps the website to come up in internet searches. The blog also contains a “follow” function; this allows the site to create a community of followers, and repeat and loyal viewers and customers.

PRICING for 2015
(Listings are paid for on a yearly basis.)

12 month listing – includes creation of the page including:

– a written description of the items produced

– up to 10 customer supplied images (jpg) including:
– one image of items created (example: a painting, soap, vegetables, book or CD)
– one image of  items being created by the maker (example: actively painting, working on a
               farm, a concert shot, writing, making soap, etc.; the concept of this is so that buyers can
              see how items are produced and who are involved, it helps to create an honesty in the
              items being made in Canada and by hand makers)

– contact information including  email,  website link,  address and  phone number

– a listing of selling, display and event information

– a listing of locations where products are available for purchase this
can include shops, markets, websites, studios and farm gate stores

– a listing of products offered
Price per 12 month period – $100.00 plus GST.
( works out to $8.33 per month)

The payment method accepted for Handmade in Canada is PayPal.


If you are interested in having your work or products profiled on Handmade in Canada please email us at with a description of your work. We can then email our information sheet for you to fill in for your page creation. Please contact us with any questions you may have, we are happy to help!

As a person creating handmade items you may wonder why we are charging for this service, so I thought it would be a good idea to share the reasons here:

1) The fees charged help to pay for the site creation and maintenance. Websites and blogs are very labor intensive requiring the investment of a large amount of time to keep the site fresh and expanding.

2) The fee helps to pay for the maintenance of the blog portion of the site. The blog is what helps to keep the site showing up in searches. It also allows for a “follow” function which creates an ongoing captive audience and demographic of purchasers of handmade and Canadian made products. As I currently write other blogs, I will also be promoting Handmade in Canada in the other virtual venues bringing Handmade in Canada to thousands of readers with every published blog post.

3) The fees charged help to pay for the creation of the individual pages including the correspondence with those who make handmade items.

4) Having payable fees means the site will only attract serious makers with high quality products. If a maker has to make a financial investment, even a small fee in the case of this site, it helps to attract a demographic of serious makers and in turn insures we are promoting high quality products.

5) Having payable fees keeps the makers, pages and links current allowing for a professional site. It is always disappointing when you visit a site and links are broken and businesses no longer exist. A site with payable fees eliminates this scenario.

6) As the site grows the fees will enable us to contact and network with more hand makers and consumers of hand produced items. This will help us to build a bigger community and attract a larger and further reaching market.

*** Please note, due to our personal language skills, at this time we are only able to create listings in English.

*** Please note that pricing, options and services offered are subject to change without notice.

*** Handmade in Canada reserves the right to make the final decision on products that we feel qualify as “handmade” and “Canadian”. Some highly mechanized disciplines such as photography and graphic design will not qualify. Each prospective member is assessed on a case by case basis. for creative and home grown items created by Canadians.