The Concept and Goal

Handmade in Canada has been created with a desire to promote Canadian makers and growers in a very professional way. The following concepts and goals have been kept in mind during the creation of Handmade in Canada.

– a site to celebrate Canadian creators, makers and growers.

–  a site that is classy and advertisement free.

–  a site that is affordable.

– I wanted a site that doesn’t take a commission on sales, and that would not “nickel and dime” the handmaker.

– a site that will create a “crossover effect” that will greatly benefit all the makers and producers involved. My goal is to create a scenario where a site visitor who initially sets out to buy a knit item, may also then go on to buy a handmade card from a printmaker, and perhaps source a local vegetable grower or find a book by a local author.

–  a site that those in the handmade community would be proud to be a part of and share the site with others. I wanted a site where the members would be proud to put a “Handmade in Canada” link on all their social media to help promote the “crossover effect” and build a bigger business community for all the Handmade in Canada members.

– a site that would help to expand the markets that those in a handmade industry can sell in, a site that would give us more exposure and allow us to sell beyond our hometowns.

Buying local is so important but sometimes it is difficult to find locally made products. My goal is to make this an easier task. I want to make it easy for consumers to buy local and buy Canadian. By having links to all our businesses in one central website we can do this.


The goal of this website, Handmade in Canada, is to provide more exposure among the community of local makers, and more exposure among the community of consumers who like to “buy local” and “buy Canadian”.

Our goal is to run this site on a very personal level. We want to work together with the growers,  makers, musicians and artists with the goal of more exposure and more success. We personally understand the challenges of being an artist and a craftsperson, and because of that we have been inspired to create this website.

Please feel free to email with any questions you may have.

You can reach us, Debra and Mark Hunter, .

We look forward to working with you. for creative and home grown items created by Canadians.