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At Handmade in Canada we like to keep things simple, so we thought we would do a step-by-step guide to ordering our products.

  1. choose an item from our SHOP page and make note of the product code (ie. “102 coffee salish”)
  2. send us an email stating the product code, the email for your Paypal account, and the information for where you would like the item shipped to
  3. we will then send you an email confirming we have received the information, that way you will know your email has reached us
  4. we will then process the Paypal payment
  5. next we will send a Palpal reminder at the same time (we aren’t being pushy, this just seems to be the way that definitely gets the Paypal notification to the customer, please don’t take offense when the notice comes).
  6. Once payment is complete we will ship your item by regular Canada Post. If you prefer another method please let us know.
  7. If you are a local customer (Red Deer, Alberta or Pender Island, BC) we can arrange a pickup time for the item and save you the shipping costs!

For further questions or wholesale inquiries please email us at handmade-canada@outlook.com .

We look forward to helping you with your order.

We are thrilled that you support handmade and Canadian made!

leaf red 3x3 square 100dpi stylized 2