Knitting Coffee Press Sweaters in Banff 

Road trips are the perfect opportunity to knit. Currently I am working on a new Coffee Press Sweater while enjoying the views of Banff. This one is in the Salish theme. Classic neutral tones and patterns that are timeless.

Canadian knit Coffee Press Sweater

Indigo Dyeing

indigo dyeing

Today I have a little indigo dyeing going on. I needed a light blue for a piece I have been commissioned to create, a blue to echo the Salish Sea. Indigo dyeing requires a lot of time and preparation. Yesterday I worked on creating the stock solution. Today was creating the working vat and then getting down to dyeing.

The first round of dyeing went quickly as it was light tones that I needed and light overdyes, with dips of 1-3 minutes in length. Now that I have the light tones completed, I am now focusing on darker tones on a few cotton pieces. Dyeing these require longer dye times, multiple dips,  with an oxidization period of 30 minutes in between each dip.

indigo dyeing and overdyes

Dyeing with natural indigo is always worth the work and preparation. The blues are always gorgeous and the overdyed yarn interesting.

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Ferry Knitting 

This morning I am “ferry knitting ” as I travel from the Gulf Islands to Vancouver. This is a set of naturally dyed fingerless mitts. I am completely in love with the intense colors in these mitts.


Canadian Hat in Progress

Almost done. This maple leaf hat features yarn that has been naturally hand dyed in indigo and chamomile. Just a little bit of finishing to do and the hat will be available in our website shop.

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Wool Count Day

Time to order more wool. It appears I have been using a lot of white and light grey recently. The wool I use is both produced and milled in Canada which adds a special feature to my Canadian knits.. Recently many of my knits have been inspired by the Cowichan style of knitting, but on a less bulky scale, which explains why I have used so much white and grey yarn. Definitely time for a wool order.

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Day 16-28 – art and knitting of Opus Daily Practice

This post is “the rest of Opus Daily Practice”. A bit of traveling managed to happen at the end of this project which meant I was able to post to Instagram, but my cell phone data plan was unhappy with the usage needed for blogging. Below are the rest of the pieces created for the […]

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