Inspired by Canada. Ethically created. Made in Canada.

Celebrating the Canadian experience.

The Wearables Collection

Unique and one of a kind, handmade wearables are a way to make a statement. Our wool items are made of 100% produced and milled Canadian wool. Colored yarns are hand dyed in micro batches of hand crafted dyes; these dyes are made of natural materials such as goldenrod and marigold.

The slow clothing movement is huge at the moment with a focus on ethically produced items to wear.  Our cuffs often feature hand carved toggles made from local deadfall and prunings, again creating a connection with nature. Buttons used on the items are generally re-purposed buttons, and on very rare occasions you may see an item made of recycled and re-spun yarn (it takes forever to make, but oh so cool when you see an item from it!). Our yarns are always hand dyed with natural dyes, and always knit, crocheted or stitched by hand. If you have further questions about our wearables just drop us an email, we are happy to chat.

The Coffee Collection

Coffee Sweaters, Mug Sweaters, and Coffee Press Sweaters. Functional, fun, hand knit and naturally dyed.

Coffee Sweaters – $13 each plus GST (plus $3 shipping within Canada)

Coffee Mug Sweaters – $13 each plus GST (plus $3 shipping within Canada)

Coffee Press Sweaters – $42 each plus GST (plus $5 shipping within Canada)

Canadian inspired art is also available on this website. Please visit the page “Shop Art” to view artwork that is currently available.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We also do custom orders and commissioned art pieces if you have something special in mind.

To purchase please email with the code listed for knits, or the title of the artwork.

For payment we accept Paypal. We arrange our orders and Paypal payments through email due to the “one-of-a-kind” products we produce.

Currently we only ship within Canada.

Thank you for visiting Handmade in Canada!

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