The Cottage Garden Collection
The Cottage Garden Collection

Our Cottage Garden Collection is inspired by the fresh colors of spring and summer flowers swaying in the breeze. The mix of pinks and purples reflect the colors of hollyhocks, lavender, peonies and roses. Our collection will remind you of quaint cottages, the scent of roses, and the timeless beauty of a garden overflowing with flowers.

The Cottage Garden Collection is made of natural sheep wool, produced here in Canada and milled in a heritage mill. We believe in using natural products and using Canadian produced raw materials when possible. The yarn for this collection is hand dyed in natural dyes in micro batches with the color being obtained through dyes made of lac, logwood, brazilwood and madder, plus yellow producing dyes made of plants such as marigold and tansy . A few of our items are knit in U.S.A. produced cotton; this creates an option for those who are allergic to wool. All items are hand knit and are one of a kind. Each item posted is available for purchase and ready to be shipped.


The Cottage Garden Collection (pricing available on our SHOP page)


Items profiled in collections are available for purchase. Please contact us by email at with the product code mentioned in the details. We can then insure you receive the proper item and arrange the shipping of the item for you. We accept Paypal as a form of payment.

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At this time we are only able to ship our items within Canada.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our products or Handmade in Canada.

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